Free Photos Editing software: Edit photos Online

The question “How do I edit photos” ask a lot of computer users, especially if they do not want to spend much money. There are free alternatives like Pixlr, Paint dot NET and GIMP.

The times in which the text-based Internet took several photos of the shop hours are long gone; whether for the home photo album or online photo albums and social networks, digital photos are very common. However, only a few snapshots are likely to be simply presented as to whether now for obvious reasons or personal opinion. ” How can I edit photos”, will ask many inexperienced users.

Free Photos Editing software Edit photos Online

How do I edit photos: The online solution

More and more software solutions can be found online, accessible anytime and anywhere, without having to always have own PC. Many of these programs are free to use and still offer the same or at least most of the features that exist even in expensive professional solutions. For photo editing you can use the offer of the page pixlr dot com. This requires only a browser and Flash – both will be found on almost all computers, whether Windows, Mac or Linux. Pixlr is particularly suitable for those who want only now and then to edit a picture for free and want to save it to disk, for example.

How do I edit photos with Paint dot NET

Paint dot NET is a totally free image editing program to be preserved, a copy of the original Microsoft’s Paint program, but later got more and more functions. The operation is similar to Photoshop and the program requires an installed .NET, which gives it for free from Microsoft. This program works only on Windows XP with Service Pack 3 or higher.

How do I edit photos with GIMP

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program and should be a free and freely available alternative to Photoshop, which is also working on Linux. Today there is the program but also for Windows, Max and even Amiga. Of all the free programs GIMP provides probably the widest range of functions with which it actually reaches even close to Photoshop. The Internet contains numerous instructions for effects, so that no one must ask the question: “How do I edit photos”.


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