Fujitsu mobile accessory to capture pictures in 3D

The company Fujitsu has developed a mobile accessory that can capture pictures in three dimensions. For some experts is a somewhat complicated method and also the accessory is not the most graceful. However, the good news is that the firm is taking the first steps in a recurring concern: the inclusion of 3D smartphones.

Ten 3D on any smartphone

For now, the phones have been released this year (mostly) provided by cameras that can take pictures in three dimensions. This is due to two reasons. The first is that it is not economical to implement it (the phone would cost much more) and the second is that there is still content to consume. This does not mean we will never have a smartphone with 3D, but will have to wait for lower costs and reliable platform.

capture pictures in three dimensions

Apparently, Fujitsu believes that this will happen soon, for it has made a small gadget to be added to the lens of the device, but operates independently. The accessory is a black rectangular box with four flat mirrors and measuring 57 X 14 X 14 mm.

The work is done by the mirror, but is not easy. They direct the light to an external sensor image. At the same time, this footage captured redirected to a remote server, who through a software created by the same Fujistsu, corrects distortion has been achieved by the mirror. Finally, between the image in three dimensions.

It is then the process faster and easier to know, but for now, is what you get. The firm has created the beginning of the implementation of 3D technology phones. It is not a very aesthetic solution to say either, nor the most elegant. According to Fujitsu, this is a small black box with mirrors which lowers by 90 percent the 3D app that is downloaded to the phone, comparing the methods commonly used by manufacturers of equipment.

Source: Redusers


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