Fungal Infections

The fungal infections are caused by spores into the skin and are often inhaled through the lungs.

The first signs are when they are inhaled, especially those affecting the skin , is a marked redness in certain areas of the body, itching, stinging, and often by the constant scratching of your discomfort crack the dermis and hurts.

Fungal Infections

To ensure that you are fungi, dermatologists use a special light to observe the injuries and then suggest the best treatment for each patient, depending on the type of fungus that has contracted. There are a few spores that can be fatal to some fatal, as specific cases of candidiasis, and chlamydia, can cause infertility. So you should consult with the slightest doubt of appearances of spots or redness of the skin.

The fungi are treated with antifungals , which kill the fungus, affecting its cell wall, may be indicated by prescription for oral, topical or parenteral.

They are transmitted by direct contact with an infected person, some fungi are very contagious and are often contracted in showers, pools, shoes, socks, towels etc, so it is essential to maintain good personal hygiene, and to doubt consult a specialist trust.


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