Possible dates of appearance of future BlackBerry 10 devices

The source of the story makes this clear. The possible dates of onset of RIM devices will release over the next 2013 have been collected from various sources, but there is no tangible evidence that they are final. However, it is worth taking a look at what the Waterloo put on the table in coming months.

appearance of future BlackBerry 10 devices

What is striking is that, after checking it long stood recent weeks the launch of the new BlackBerry 10 platform sometime in March, the first of smartphones is in the month of January.

If true, you could find yourselves analyzing two facts: that RIM has finally realized that further delay the onset of platform strategy is detrimental to either want to “catch competition on the wrong foot.”

Anyway, the rumored dates currently are:
January: L-Series
February: N-Series
May: R-Series and S-Series
July: A-Series

The devices L-Series and N-Series have focused much of the attention in recent months. Little or nothing is known about the devices R-Series, which could be the next generation of the successful BlackBerry Curve with the new operating system.

That is, a way to continue carrying devices RIM in the consumer market at a more affordable price. Something similar to the S-Series of which progress to be similar to those above, but running a current evolution of the BlackBerry OS.

Finally, the A-Series, which supposedly corresponds to the terminal known under the code name Aristo, will be the executive high-end brand.
Only wait to see what is there in these claims to need more information.


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