The future of mobile telephony with VoIP technology

The revolution that has brought about the new communications technology called Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP, has led to many experts in the field to ensure that in the near future cell phones will use such services so that users can perform their frequent calls at a reduced cost and with significant benefits.

The future of mobile telephony with VoIP service

VoIP technology in communications allows that users around the world can communicate in real-time through your Internet connection. To do this you only need type VoIP phone, or use an application like Skype, in addition to an Internet connection, since VoIP technology works by sending compressed digital packages of voice and data over the network.

Due to the low costs of operation, even in some cases without cost, when both ends are talking two VoIP users, it is estimated that in the future this type of communication will be most commonly used, including current mobile phones.

The advantages reported the use of VoIP for communications, among people who use this technology can keep your user number beyond the place where they are.

It means that when a user travels outside his country of origin, you can still retain your number unchanged, i.e. No Roaming changes, as it is currently the case with cell phones.

On the other hand, to keep your same number of user rates continue equal, is that if you are outside your local and receives a call from their country of origin, the call rate is assessed as a local call.

It is possible to use the VoIP technology both in software and hardware, it is not essential to have a VoIP phone for communication, since it is possible to make calls via instant messaging applications, as in the case of the popular Skype.

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In this way, the VoIP technology and devices that work in this type of architecture, can be integrated completely with another series of services available on the Internet, such as sending and receiving data, video conferencing, Exchange messages, audio conferencing, and others.

Tendency of global operators

There is no doubt that data do envision a promising future in what regards to the communication by VoIP technology, giving rise to a trend that increasingly is increased, since different operators around the world are internalized in the matter, in order to soon offer their services by VoIP communication.

That is why, many specialists ensure that sooner or later all mobile operators worldwide will end up using the format of VoIP for their services.

Some mobile phones have begun to include applications and services of VoIP such as Skype. Such is the case of the new cell phone from Nokia, the N900 model, which has been integrated Skype and Google Talk as VoIP clients.

At the moment, unfortunately the business of telephone operators remains calls, SMS and MMS, so VoIP technology must wait some more time to become standard in mobile communications.

While at the moment the VoIP technology does not represent a suitable business for large companies, earning profits of conventional communications, the advancement of this new architecture and its popularity among users worldwide will be able make voice over IP in the communication of the future.


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