G Data Releases Small Business Security: Antivirus for SMEs

G Data SmallBusiness Security is a security solution for the German company G Data oriented small businesses. This is a complete online solution that allows to protect five networked computers. SmallBusiness Security features antivirus , antispyware , firewall and backup machines. It also includes three licenses for G Data Internet Security 2013 to maintain the safety of other three devices outside the corporate network. This security tool is now available for a price of 200 euros for a year. We tell you all the details.

G Data SmallBusiness Security is a security solution for the German company G Data oriented small businesses

The German company has decided to launch a security solution specifically geared for small businesses. G Data SmallBusiness Security protects up to five devices from the same computer network of the most common threats such as viruses, Trojans and spyware. Also uses proactive detection technologies of G Data to protect employees from threats that are not yet known, to investigate the computers for suspicious activity in the system. G Data SmallBusiness Security works in the background without affecting computer performance.

This security solution is designed to require little attention from the IT professional. Through a control panel, you can view the protection status of the system in just a glance. Thus, it is not necessary that the professionals who are responsible for monitoring the state of the company’s network have many computer skills. Within the web protection, one aspect that should be noted is the tool G Data BankGuard. This solution is used to protect equipment from dangerous banking Trojans. Its operation is based on monitoring the browser to avoid attacks by cybercriminals to intercept user communications with online banking. BankGuard is compatible with all major modern browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Additionally, the tool has a complete firewall protecting navigation to visit websites that have potentially dangerous content. This protection also translates to email clients like Outlook and web servers IMAP and POP3. Finally, another aspect that should be noted from the solution G Data SmallBusiness Security is the protection of mobile devices with the platform Android. The program inspects the downloads you perform with mobile or tablet before you start looking for potential viruses. Undoubtedly, it is an interesting tool due to the exponential growth of threats to this platform.

In addition to protection against threats, G Data SmallBusiness Security also performs automatic backups to recover important data in case of a disaster. This solution is available for a price of 200 euros for five networked computers. Also included are three licenses of G Data InternetSecurity 2013 for computers that are not connected to the network. In the event that companies need more protection, security can be extended to a total of 10 devices.


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