G+ Tweet: a Google+ tool for twitter

Google + managers offered a tool, known as G + Tweet, you can connect Twitter account directly from the homepage of Google +. Thus, Tweets can be seen without having to leave the account open Google + and at the same time you can publish short messages in the Twitter wall.

Well, now is Twitter users can link your account with Facebook, all without having to leave your open profile: posts from Twitter will immediately appear in the Facebook Wall; But unlike Google +, the user is not able to see his wall of Facebook on Twitter, that is his main limitation.

G+ Tweet a Google+ tool for instant tweet

Then, how to activate this tool from the Twitter account? Very easy. The first thing to do is open your Twitter account and go to configuration, once opened this section, click where it says profile and go to the bottom, in the latter find where it says Facebook. We click where it says connecting to the Facebook account and follow the guidelines of the dialog box will then open. Press OK and ready to depart hence the Twitter and Facebook accounts will be synchronized and once published a Tweets in the first, will appear the same in the second.

Until now it had to resort to third-party services in order to synchronize and manage multiple accounts of users on social networks. However, since the advent of Google + things have changed in the services of the original networks, in this case Facebook and Twitter, allowing users to interact among themselves without having to leave their profiles. Congratulations to both.


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