Games for the Baby Shower

The celebration of baby shower is an event that the mother looks forward to many, not only because at this meeting the guests and mothers share her experiences and advice, but also it is time for future gifts for baby and for the pleasant time to spend jointly.

To make this celebration even more fun in this article you will get a series of games and entertainment that you can put up with the guests at the baby shower.
The celebration of baby shower is an event that the mother looks forward to many

Baby Memory Game

To play this game you need to have 30 articles of all babies placed on a tray, can be: pacifiers, diapers, toys, bottles, etc.

During the baby shower offers each guest a paper and pen, crosses the room while with a tray full of baby items and let you see it all carefully. Once you have done this and hide it all asked to write on paper that contained the tray and remember who has been remembered more items wins.

Mom Memory Game

This game requires the same preparation as above, but carries a small trap once the guests have seen the tray of baby items, the mother must leave the room and asked those present charge to write down in the paper how she is dressed without seeing to her dress.

It certainly is a game that will surprise everyone and that most will be more aware of baby items that the appearance of the pregnant.


This is the traditional game of charades in which participants have to be divided into two groups and each will choose who will have to make gestures. Previously, the host will write on a good number of cards names of different actions, items and situations involving babies who will be represented then by the guests. This is a game time and the team that has more answers right.


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