Gametel: The gamepad for tablets and smartphones

If you have a tablet or a smartphone that is not the Xperia play and want to play without using the buttons located on the digital display device then we want to talk to you today will attract your attention.


Gametel: The gamepad for tablets and smartphones


Gametel is the name of the product in question, developed by Fructel, is a device for Android 2.1 and later of course you can play on your smartphone with your comfort with the physical buttons (d-pad-pad, face buttons and dorsal ).


The pad is very reminiscent of the past ones because of its simplicity, simply place your smartphone or tablet in the space and you’re done. Fructel it has not yet revealed the price nor the release date, for now only in U.S. but is expected to arrive later in Europe and around the world.


Excellent device ideal for those who want to play with the new generation of smartphones that do not have a physical keyboard or a pad as the Xperia Play. We just have to wait.


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