Gamophobia: the fear of marriage or long term relationships

He was formerly the one who would not bind, now it seems that more and more women who are in their feet. They shy away from long and deep relationships. If they are for their dream home or the wedding date approaches, stores the panic.

the fear of marriage or long term relationships

Everyone will have the book ‘Eat, Pray, beg’ by Elizabeth Gilbert and the movie with Julia Roberts in the lead recall. The autobiography of Elizabeth Gilbert became a bestseller because many women recognized themselves in the fear of being prolonged to bind, a fear or Gamophobia is mentioned. Another example of Gamophobia is featured in the Hollywood movie ‘Runway Bride’, again with Julia Roberts, in which the bride no less than three times runs off.

The fear of marriage or long-term relationships among women seems increasingly to strike. The reason: as it is sometimes sought in the emancipation and the developments that women in today’s society has gone through. More and more women are economically independent, and this is a freedom which ultimately can hang a price tag. The enthusiasm and willingness to participate in a relationship to work, to invest, to take the risk to expose themselves emotionally and to compromise can through all these changes.

But as always you must look further. According to psychologists, the cause must be sought deeper and be in fear to leave or be abandoned. The fear of hurting others should do or the fear of being sucked through a comprehensive relationship. Women with these fears searching according to psychologists correct relationships in itself “unbalanced” so they do not for a long time and not overly emotional tie.

Amorexia: fear and lack of love

Is the fear to commit so great that it has become a habit for itself in no letting go, it seems the word amorexia (a contraction of amore (love) and anorexia) in place. Fearing very heart, deceived or abandoned, will be no relationship at all anymore. Often enough you see that in these cases the need for affection poured on friends or pets.

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And you related to?
Do you know someone who suffers gamophobia or amorexia? Do you think you yourself bothering you? Do you have experience with this? Review yourself with the discussion above.


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