Garden in the kitchen AeroGarden

It’s called AeroGarden and is a gadget for the kitchen readily useful for cultivating lettuce, tomatoes, herbs, chili and anything else directly to the kitchen!

The kits from the vegetable garden is sold in combination with a fertilizer (which allows fast growth of plants) and two lamps that act as sunlight.

Garden in the kitchen - AeroGarden

The vegetables will start to grow after 24 hours at a rate of 5 times higher than normal soil.

AeroGarden comes with a system that promises to maintain optimum growing conditions, alerting the user if the plants need nutrients or be watered.

This gadget is very useful because regardless of external conditions, you can always have the fresh herbs, salad and fruit also wanting all year.

For those wishing to purchase the AeroGarden, it is available on Amazon UK .


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