Garden pests: how to combat aphids

How to control pests in the home garden is usually asked question. If you want to keep your garden beautiful and healthy, it is necessary to fight against these garden pests that ruin any green space. One of these pests is aphids that attack many types of plants and flowers such as roses.

Garden pests how to combat aphids

Fortunately, there are many household pesticides that you can make easily available elements and the preparation is done in minutes. Here we tell you some homemade tricks to combat aphids from which you can use.

One of them is Coca Cola. This soft drink has a great effect on the aphids. You can put this drink in a spray bottle and put in your plants. You will see the aphids disappear.

Another very effective is water with garlic. Many have tried arguing that the aphids disappeared in seconds and never returned. Easy to perform. Spray your plants with this mixture and you will notice immediate results. If you want to reinforce the effect instead of water used alcohol. The combination garlic and alcohol is very successful to combat aphids.

The preparation of nettle is another effective method to combat aphids. Be mixed with 100 grams of nettle water, let stand for three or four days and then use the preparation in your affected plants.

Water, soap and white snuff are other ingredients to be mixed to achieve excellent anti pesticide aphids. You should put these three elements in a bowl and marinate for a full day. After that, you have two options: either pulverize preparation on the leaves or a small cotton or gauze can spend the prepared leaves of plants.

Another technique antipulgones is vinegar mixed with water. It is ideal as a repellent for aphids, which will help you once eliminated this pest, never again to attack your plants. It appears that the odor repels aphids, which helps not to return again.

All these methods are organic and not harm the plant or the environment. Homemade tricks to combat aphids do not cost much money nor take too long to prepare and what is best are very effective.
Once you have been successful in eliminating lice, take measures to avoid returning. Take the necessary precautions so that your plants are healthy and growing well will enjoy a beautiful garden.


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