Gardening tips for garden care

Gardening tips for garden careClay soils

Clay soils are difficult to work and may have poor drainage. To improve winter cava and incorporate organic matter (compost or manure). Repeat every year.

Measuring soil pH

For the aficionado, the most practical and cost are strips of paper. Companies can be located at a chemical laboratory supplies (search yellow pages). Provide sufficient accuracy for the individual.

Other methods include: pH meters instruments (the good ones are expensive) and chemical reagents, which are more uncomfortable.


For control of weeds the herbicide glyphosate is strong overall. Mata to Grass and weeds that survive on underground organs of reproduction, such as stolons, rhizomes or bulbs.

Applied on the leaves and sap, transports throughout the plant, including roots.

Yellow leaves

It may be lack of iron in the soil. You can add the field or brown heather land to acidify and iron is released and soil containing insolubilized.


If you notice that up to your pots, rub with half a lemon edge and should not be close.


It’s good for the soil that has earthworms because they aerate with its galleries and excreted “manure”, but in certain cases where the grass is excessive and not appropriate.

If so, it is possible to spray the soil with insecticide. Usually sufficient two applications, one in early spring and again in mid-autumn. Following each application, unless it rains, irrigation should be given. No need to eradicate 100% because they say they are very beneficial.

Orchard Garden

Is the conjunction of two terms: “Huerta” because they grow horticultural and “Garden” because they include flowers that enhance the ornamental value. In this way manages to get all in one double feature: self-sufficiency with some vegetables and aesthetic benefit of a garden.

Organic farming

It does not use fungicides, synthetic fertilizers and chemicals in general.

Special attention is given to the care of life on the ground, maintaining good levels of organic matter and moisture. The work is not aggressive towards the soil structure and keeps it covered with organic mulch.

Associated plants which are mutually beneficial.

In the presence of pests or diseases, natural insecticides and fungicides are advised.

Other tips

– The first days after transplanting seedlings should procurárseles shaded situation.

– The irrigation spray (fog) is appropriate for growing tender cuttings (semi-ligneous).

– Cut Lavender, Sage and Santolina that have flourished during the previous summer and the flowers have dried. This should be done every year.

– Divide Vivaces flowers that have grown too. In spring or autumn.

– There are canvases for the pool in winter and will not fall leaves or other debris.

Rooting hormone

Semi-ligneous, woody cuttings

The rooting rooting or hormones are used to facilitate the issuance of root cuttings or cuttings.

Not essential for all species because many tend to root easily, but it always helps. Hormone powders are suitable for cutting green and tender. Which are liquid (or dissolved solids) are more suitable for cutting wood, for example, trees or shrubs. Many woody cuttings should let them soak for a few hours in the solution for the agent to penetrate.

Multiply a Magnolia

Magnolia seeds are harvested in autumn as soon as possible after the fruit ripens, when it can be seen on the red seeds. After cleaning, seeds should be planted immediately in the fall, or stratify to about 4 º C for a period of 2 to 3 months before the spring planting. At any time, the seed is damaged if it’s allowed to dry.

Magnolia seeds lose their viability if stored for the winter at room temperature. If done long term storage, seeds should be stored in sealed containers at temperatures from 0 º to 4 º C.


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