Give Windows a more attractive look with these dark themes

We spend many hours sitting in front of the computer, specifically looking at the screen, so we must take some precautions to take care, for example, of sight. One of them could be to use certain dark themes for Windows 10, like the ones we are going to see next.

And it is necessary to take into account that the dark topics to which we will refer below are increasingly common. This is something that can be extended both on desktops and on mobile devices.

Windows Dark Themes

Advantages of using dark themes on computers

To say that software developers are increasingly opting for this type of dark elements to take care of the sight of their customers and users . This is because thanks to all this the visual fatigue is less and the content reading is more bearable. This is why many software creators are opting to develop these dark desktop and mobile themes for their projects. If we focus on the most used desktop operating system in the world, Windows 10 natively already has all of this.

In fact, for several versions, Microsoft released a dark theme that it included natively in the operating system. With this, what we achieve is to enjoy the benefits that this brings to our eyesight and visual health, in an element as used as Windows 10. However, despite this, we also have the possibility of using third-party developments to give a darker, as well as pleasant, appearance to Microsoft software.

Dark themes to use in Windows 10 Computer

Windows 10 System native dark theme

To start with all this, we will tell you that in the first place we can make use of the dark theme itself that since the Anniversary Update includes Windows. To activate it, we only have to open the Configuration application with the Win + I key combination and go to Personalization / Colors.

Windows 10 Native dark mode

Thus, in the list that appears, we can already choose the light , dark or custom mode to apply to Windows. Of course, saying that this is something that applies to the system itself and Windows applications, not for other programs.

Windows 10 High contrast black / gray theme

If we focus on the dark third party themes for Windows 10, we can also use this High Contrast. Actually, this dark theme does is change the default color settings, giving all of it a predominant gray tone. This is something that is equally extensible to the applications of Windows 10. Thus, in order to install it, the first thing we do is download the corresponding file from this link . As we can see, the theme corresponds to the DeviantArt website and we can install it like any other program.

Windows 10 High contrast

At the same time, once it’s up and running, you have a few customization options, for example to make the theme black instead of gray, for example. We can also adjust the levels of the texts and other elements of the operating system itself.

Windows 10 Nocturnal W10

Next we are going to talk about another third party proposal to bring a dark theme to Windows 10 additional to the native one of the system. This is Nocturnal W10 and this is a bit more complex issue to install than the previous one. Of course, at the same time, although the process is somewhat cumbersome, we can obtain more pleasant and visual results. Say that we need these five elements that we will have to install on the PC:

The W10 Nocturnal Theme .

Thus, the first thing we do is install OldNewExplorer and select the boxes next to the sections Use command bar and Hide button. After that we uncheck Show status bar in Classic Shell and import the XML file in Configuration / Backup / Load from XML. To finish we just have to install the Sans Semibold font that is included in the theme itself, in addition to installing the theme as such.

Twilight 10

And we continue with another third-party option in which we will also have to install additional software on the Windows system . In this way, what we are going to achieve is that the Microsoft software has a series of neutral dark colors without others highlighting or being uncomfortable to the eye. For all this we will need the following additions:

So, first of all we install the Open Sans font that comes from the input included in the theme itself. Then we installed UXThemePatcher and to finish Ribbon Disabbler. Once all that is done, we just have to take the content of the theme and move it to the disk path C: WindowsResourcesThemes. So we can already select it to be able to apply it in the operating system.

Ades Theme

First of all we will tell you that this dark theme is not as radical as those seen so far. This is because it uses somewhat softer shades such as dark gray and white to smooth the Windows interface . It should be noted that at the same time it introduces somewhat more colorful icons. As in the previous cases, we will need several elements to install it:

Nemo Skin Theme

Again, as happened in the case of Ades Theme, we will talk about a theme that is not as radical and dark as the rest, but which softens the appearance of Windows 10 a lot. It is a theme called Nemo that we can download from this link.


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