Givenchy VAX’IN for youth, revolutionary anti-aging treatment

VAX’IN for youth is a new anti-aging treatment developed by Givenchy which combats the effects of stress on the skin and aggression that promote cell damage by accelerating the process of aging .

Undoubtedly Givenchy’s VAX’IN for youth has become the anti-aging revolution, is a complex of active ingredients that reduce Hormesis phenomenon without causing stress on cells and combat aging skin.

use the serum VAX'IN for youth is simple, applied morning and evening after cleaning the skin in depth with the usual treatment

The VAX’IN for youth has two powerful hormetinas encourage the production of HSP70 protein, important for the body to resist the aging process. These substances were included in anti-aging serum capable of neutralizing the factors of cell degeneration and increase longevity.

VAX’IN treatment for youth generates stimuli that cause the skin cells begin to produce their own resistance to aging proteins in proportion to the daily needs.

This product is the result of investigations by the Givenchy laboratories together with the theory of Professor Suresh Rattan Hormesis which seeks to subject the cells to a micro stress exposure helps increase resistance to future stress them thereby achieving a favorable effect on cell longevity.

The youth VAX’IN for what it does is prompt the body to which he himself manufactures its own defenses while reactive to preventive and restorative functions of the dermis. As a result the skin becomes much stronger and durable, remaining smooth, toned and elastic texture is unified and the complexion looks radiant.

How to use the serum VAX’IN for youth is simple, applied morning and evening after cleaning the skin in depth with the usual treatment.


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