Glamor and funk of Hair Beauty Products Candy fixations

Tigi Products are always surprised the world of cosmetics with ideas, colors, textures and innovative proposals and fun. Based on aesthetics but completely unstructured fashion, the brand launched a line this time for fixing hair named Candy fixations. What unifies this range is the total sweetness, since the entire series is based on sugar as a star ingredient.

Sugar has a long tradition of alternatives refers to styling. Back in the ’60s punks used it to make his famous Mohawk standing are sustained for days. Tigi Products incorporated sugar and further complemented with different scents, like grape merengue.

Glamor and funk of Hair Beauty Products Candy fixations

The Candy fixations consist of five different topics, each responding to a look defined. They are achieved only in specialized salons and videos on Youtube are available with explanations on the use of each proposal.

Sugar Dust: as the range, this powder with sugar microtexture is designed to get by and get a hairstyle in minutes sophisticated. It is applied to the hair roots and massage until the desired texture. Unlike other similar products, the Sugar Dust leaves no oily feeling and keeps the look longer.

Mega Whip: is ideal for short hair. The name means “mega lash” and its effect is layered flexible bindings. Provides a matte finish and its perfume to marshmallow cream is really lovely.

Sugar Shock: it is a “sugar shock” specially designed for thin hair, which, after the “coup” look full of body and movement. Specifically, the effect is of a long unkempt. In fact, the slogan of this range of Tigi Bedhead is alluding to a hair “out of bed.”

Totally Baked: is scented with enticing scents of meringue, vanilla and lemon. It is applied on all hair, moistened, which gives texture and volume. His presentation is a mousse and when it dries the hair does remain for long. It is very practical for day moisture.

Haze Glaze: is perhaps the most sought after series by leaving hair shiny and smelling of vanilla. It may also be the one with a classic hair, because it acts as a smoothing serum.


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