Gmail starts sending advertising emails to your inbox

Users have started to see ads that arrive like normal e-mail. Among the categories of the new tabs are Social, Promotional, Email, Forums and Updates. Advertising tab can be disabled completely to prevent viewing.

In order to continue making a series of changes in the presentation of the inbox, Gmail has added paid advertising emails, in the form of regular email that reaches the inbox of the user directly to the tab marked with the name Promotions.

The tabs were introduced in late May, and classify incoming messages to the tray automatically in one of the five labels created by the company: Primary, for general e-mail lists; Social for related updates social networks and Promotional, for deals and promotions, plus Forums and Updates tabs.

Unlike regular e-mail, paid advertising have a darker background and the word “Ad” just below the sender’s name. In this new situation, you have two options: open the mail and find all the information, including links to the home page of advertising, or not open it and set your account to stop receiving promotional messages and advertising.

The tabs were introduced in late May, and classify incoming messages to the tray automatically in one of the five labels

If you want to keep the tab, it will no longer receive promotions. But if you want to stop receiving this “spam advertising” you have to disable Promotions tab, or return to the old way of seeing the inbox.

Many users have expressed dissatisfaction with this form of organization, in addition to the new window to compose messages presented last October and removed much of the functions that had previously.

Google had announced that the tabs would be customizable, but you can not rename a tab and choose the content that reaches the same. The only thing you can do is go back to the old way of presentation in case you want to have a clearer organization. And so, Google could lose many of its members, unhappy with the changes.

This way of presenting advertising emails, through which it only takes the click initial advertiser or cost per click (CPC), is still in beta and advertisers who wish to participate in the project must apply for authorization to a representative of Google.

It is too early to know what the level of success of this new tab between users and marketing campaigns via email in general.

And you, what do you think of this new policy of Google? Do you think they are wrong?


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