Going Deutschland – why German cars are the way to go

For years, people have bought German cars designed and built as they are well designed, powerful and sporty. Whether you are in the market for an Audi, Mercedes Benz, Porsche or VW, German products are generally slightly more expensive than their American and Japanese counterparts. The old adage rings true today than ever and “You always get what you pay for.”

Spend more on your initial investment for a car will always pay when you go in German, a German car provides lasting benefits not only from the comfort of a quality, comfortable interior, but also a brand of high quality motor that will last longer than non-German competitors. A German car will not depreciate as fast as other cars and it retains its value over the years.

German cars are designed to a higher standard, built with better materials and manufactured by a more skilled workforce resulting in an experience far superior car. Engine and mechanical components are built to tighter tolerances than any American. The resulting increase in quality means that you will not have problems with engine or drive train for a long time after your purchase. Part quality is also reflected in a narrowing of conduct and smoother performance.

German cars are designed to drive the Autobahn. For this reason, they are designed to go faster and harder than anything else on any road.

The only problem with all imports, it is inevitable that when it comes time to repair, it is generally a bit more expensive to repair. A German car is almost always about a half time more expensive to be repaired. And you must be careful to find a competent mechanic who is familiar with German cars. Not all technicians can work on German cars, so most everyone will say they can.

Even with the additional costs associated with maintenance, it is still cheaper to own and drive a German car. Additional costs will be returned with the resale value is higher. German cars, in my opinion are superior to anything American or Japanese.


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