Good news also for pc sonic generations

Not long ago I taught in one of my entries what will be the collector’s edition of Sonic Generations. In this issue we found things very curious collector as a numbered ring, a figure of both Sonics (the past and present) and a full report of Sonic to all these years.

If that surprised you collector’s edition, like me, you also surprised by the news that Sega will also release a version of this release of Sonic for PC. All PC users can also enjoy the adventures of two blue hedgehog and its friends.

The specifications are not yet known, but I am more than confident that they will be more affordable for today’s computers. In addition to the physical version, Sega will make available all the Steam version, so you can download this wonderful game without moving from home almost, very interesting thing for busy people who do not have time to go to a store, for example.

Sonic Generations is set to become one of the most interesting games of the new fiscal year in video games, making sure to surprise both themselves as outsiders. I’m already looking to see to when I can buy my collector’s edition. Surely this game down, because I’ve always been a big fan of the fastest blue hedgehog in the world.


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