Google: The US FCC certifies an amazing Bluetooth headset

The FCC has just certified a noise-canceling Bluetooth headset developed by Google. The device seems to have very good technical characteristics, but does not seem particularly innovative. From then on, we can ask ourselves the real interest of this product …

Google Bluetooth Headphones appear in FCC documents headphones

It turns out that this Bluetooth accessory is an enhanced version of the headset that Google offers its employees . So far, the headset in question was connecting with a wire, and the firm decided to switch to Bluetooth.

For some time now, Google has decided to venture into hardware. The smartphone Google Pixel, the Google home and Google WiFi are the most compelling evidence. Today, it seems that the company of Mountain View also intends to set out to conquer the market of audio headphones.

A Bluetooth headset developed by Google has indeed been certified by the FCC. The device is codenamed GID5B, and proudly displays the Google logo . The picture also shows a switch for power up, for active noise reduction, and two buttons for volume adjustment. A microUSB port can also be used to recharge the device.

Of course, an adjustable headband will keep the headset on the head of the user, and an optional AUX cable will allow you to adjust the volume, control playback or pause, and make phone calls using Of an integrated microphone .

For the rest, the technical sheet teaches us that the helmet will rest on a dynamic driver of 40 mm and an impedance of 32 Ohms, and that it will cover the frequencies from 12Hz to 20KHz. The peak noise reduction will exceed 25dB, and its bandwidth will range from 25Hz to 1kHz.

The autonomy is ensured by a battery of 600 mAh, which should guarantee 25 hours of listening in Bluetooth without reduction of noise, and 16 hours with the functionality activated.

If the volume is at maximum, the autonomy will be 10 hours . The dimensions are 195.5 mm x 170.5 mm x 94.5 mm. This headset does not seem a priori specially innovative. It is however possible that it is simply a helmet that will be supplied free with the next smartphone of the range Pixel, replacing the usual headphones.


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