Google Chrome: Google’s browser comes to Apple devices

Another innovation that has left the developers fair of Google, called Google I/O 2012, is the arrival of its own web browser, Google Chrome to Apple devices. A tool useful to browse the Internet easily and quickly, thereby maintaining the same configuration on all devices you use. Something that users of iPhone and iPad will be very grateful.

The strong point of Chrome is that it works with the cloud technology or Internet storage. That is, if you already have your bookmarks bar, favorite pages, homepage, permits and other issues on your computer (provided you have an account of Google and you use Chrome), you can pass it or sync all so automatic the tablet or phone Apple with this application. In fact, it is possible to know the history pages and open to have them in case of, for example, leave the office computer and continue browsing with your mobile phone while traveling.
Google Chrome: Google's browser comes to iPhone and iPad

It has brought an intuitive and attractive design that makes browsing the Internet from a terminal is equal or faster to do it from a computer. This presents a system of tabs very comfortable and easy to use. So just press the + button in the upper left corner to open a new tab and type in the desired direction. So when you have multiple tabs open and want to switch between them, just press the button on the top right corner and slide from one to another with a single finger, as if it were a deck of cards, both in the vertical and horizontal.

This application also allows to navigate safely from the device thanks to Incognito mode. By clicking on the cute character icon raincoat and goggles is activated thereby allowing not keep a record of our visits, as well as prevent cookies and leave traces of your footsteps. Pressing the button again, the navigation continues in its normal mode, not interrupted at any time.

And there’s more. You can share pages and addresses between devices that use Chrome and are linked to the same Google Account. You just need to press the lower right, where you can see what pages are active each device and can open them or share them. And all this without forgetting other interesting features of this browser and search for a term on the web page being viewed, recorded new markers or voice dictate a direction to go, etc.

In short, Google chrome is a great browser that users can finally enjoy Apple Devices, with a large number of functions and the ability to synchronize configuration and contents. But the best is that Google Chrome can now be downloaded for free for both iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch through the applications market iTunes.


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