Tips for Webmasters: If your business plan is to buy a number of domains almost equal to that of a famous mark in order to “stick” to its popularity, the most likely to end up with severe headaches.

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Such is the case of a company of Illinois, United States, he bought half a dozen domains almost identical to Youtube to fill them with dubious surveys and Internet scam most neglected. This warning light lit on Google, which moved to exert control over those addresses.

The Corporation of Mountain View filed a claim against the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) requesting full control over the following domains: Youtbe, Youtub, Youtue, and Yutube.

In the complaint Google asked to be granted control over these addresses because they were recorded “in an identical or confusingly similar to a trademark”, because “the owner has no rights or legitimate interests in the domain name” and it “domain names were registered and used in bad faith”.

The National Arbitration Forum has not yet issued its verdict on this issue but more likely to favor the incorporation of Mountain View. Clearly, the company that registered the said domain has no intention of using them correctly (the image at the beginning of the post says it all).

Obviously this is not the first case of people who come to “misspelled domains” to distribute viruses or malware and even defraud Internet users. For this reason it is always advisable to review the addresses entered in the browser and not to provide personal data pages of dubious provenance.


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