Google Fuchsia, the mystery of the new operating system

The new project is not yet known nothing could unify Android and Chrome OS, or remain confined to the world of the Internet of things. Google has decided to deploy the fund of operating systems, intended for multiple uses. Mobile devices, of course, but also household appliances or the Google car. In this context fits Fuchsia .

Google Fuchsia, the mystery of the new operating system

While the computing world is eagerly awaiting the release of Android 7.0 Nougat , Google has announced the release of a new operating system. Who will not have the name of a sweet as we are getting used to for some time Big G, but a color: Fuchsia. Google is working hard on operating systems, as shown by the output and Google Android Auto Home. In the latter case, however, the developers had to create your own kernel (the core of the system) and reformulate its portfolio of platforms . How it will Google Fuchsia? Let’s find out below.

Google Fuchsia features of the new operating system

To reveal the features of the new Google operating system is Hacker News , although they have leaked a few details. Fuchsia will be based on the kernel “Magenta” project-based “LittleKernel” . Which means that this operating system is suitable for any device, without losing in performance. Indeed, with improvements of some functions: think of the permit system such as Android 6.0 Marshmallow . Still, it should offer an interface such as that of Android since it uses a visual programming language similar to the material design. Then it provides support for OpenGL and Vulkan . Finally, it will support processors with CPU ARM 32 and 64-bit and 64-nit PC.

Fuchsia replace Android?

The question that many people do is if Fuchsia replace Android. Or if Linux will make room in Magenta on Android. Every indication is that it will not happen anything about this, but that Google wants to use the new operating system for some of its new products that will soon launch on the market. Such as those for the house. Therefore, it is added to the other but not replace them.

She also wants to expand its business units , not dealing exclusively with computers, smartphones and tablets. As shown by the rest of the investment in a machine with self-driving. A choice they are making many multinational technology industry. We’ll see.


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