Google helps you manage your identity on the network

Called Me on the Web, a new tool that Google has launched with the intention to help users manage their identity online. With the assistance of this new online process, the user can know for example when your shadow or e-mail address is published somewhere on the web. In addition, this application users can receive advice on what to do when you want to remove some of your details that you do not want made public.

Google helps you manage your identity on the network Me on the Web

Me on the Web is now available from the Web Google Dashboard. To access it, the first thing the user must have a Google account and access it. Once inside, already located within the Control Panel, you should look where it says Internet presence and then clicking Configure Alerts in the box for your data in the search results.

Then, it will open a new window where you can program what you want to receive such information (name, email address) and when or how often you want the ads: when once a day, once a week. Once set up your account, you click Save and you’re done. Every time we publish something about your name or email will receive an alert warning about all that talk about you on the network, for better or for worse.

Moreover, Google included on this website are some tips on what to do when you want to remove some personal information and gives two options, one by sending the URL to be removed by the site administrator, and the other through a process of emergency disposal in which Google is the one who removes this data directly through the URL before sending directly to the browser. Google has also included the possibility of eliminating any personal photographic image.

So now you know, if you want to manage your data online, the best option is already available from Google itself.


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