Google is shutting down unpopular services

At the last time Google decided to eliminate all products that do not meet the expectations of users. Some of these services had real potential and others were just a waste of money, but the fact is that giant of Mountain View decided to put the catalog off in order to focus on projects of real importance.

Google is shutting down unpopular services

Hours ago the corporation announced that California will dispense with a new set of services among which include:

  • Google Bookmarks Lists
  • Google Friend Connect
  • Google Gears
  • Google Search Timeline
  • Google Wave
  • Google Knol
  • Renewable Energy Cheaper Than Coal

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I must admit that two members of this list caught my attention because I thought it had been discontinued long ago. On one side is Google Wave, whose development ended in 2010 but never formally removed it, and on the other Google Knol. The latter was very curious since the platform was created to compete with Wikipedia.

The main difference is that The Free Encyclopedia posts of popular authors received financial rewards. The service enjoyed a brief period of popularity in 2008 and was gradually losing interest of Internet users. Even the possibility of earning money was attractive to users.

For now it seems that Google does not intend to continue to cut services, but in situations like this is never the last word. Hopefully from now on the Mountain View put all their attention on real projects that generate attractive and do not disperse their energy proposals of low arrival.

See official blog of Google here.


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