Now you can use Google Music from anywhere of the world

The new music service is only available in the U.S.? No problem, You can also enjoy by following these tricks.

As you know the beta version of Google Music, a project by Google that wants to challenge iTunes, Apple and the cloud of digging out the music player market and services, for now only active in the United States of America. This “cut off” for now, a large proportion of potential users, but there is no problem, because the network has a thousand secrets, and a thousand possibilities, just to understand how the system works and find a so-called Google Music “workarounds” a way around the obstacle, and that’s it.

Google Music

GOOGLE MUSIC, NO PROBLEM – Engadget found an easy trick to get into GMusic: the concept is pretty basic. To decide whether to let you in, Google queries your IP. If it is wrong, that is not American, you cannot enter. But there are a billion ways to change your IP. One of the simplest trick is to use the browser the Tor Project, a leading open source projects for free and anonymous surfing. So it all starts from the home page of the Tor project, where in a few minutes you can download the open source browser.

At this point we click on “View the Network” and the screen that appears, choose one of the many U.S. servers. Click the right mouse button and proceed to copy the “fingerprint”, precisely the impression output of that server.

Return to the main Tor, click Settings, Advanced, and “edit torrc files.” A screen appears that contains the configuration files inside of the Tor system.

Google Music

At the beginning of the file must be added ExitNodes and beside the mark of the American server that you have copied, below, to force Tor to use StrictExitNodes always the node that we have chosen, the American one.

 Google Music Now you can use it too from anywhere of the world 2

You ARE IN – Save, let go, and go back to the browser that Aurora has now opened. From there, the trip is short google music.

Google Music Now you can use it too from anywhere of the world 2

You go with your Google password, accept the terms of use and say yes to Google each time asks for it. You are going to a page where Google Music asks you to install the Flash plugin, but attention here, at this point the Tor no longer serves you. You can close Aurora, also the application in the background and even remove it. After the first login, GMusic is freely accessible from your normal browser to (watch the s after http!). You circumvented the protection of Google and you can use a free service available only in the U.S.: you have just entered are prompted to install the Music Manager to upload your music still comfortably in the background, of course, given the remoteness of the server output, a little slow.

But there are some limitations: first, the service purchase and download music will not work until they become official opening of GMusic for countries outside the U.S., and second, to use the application on your Android smarphone, you must download and install it independently.


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