Google Music opens slowly to international

Launched in beta in the U.S. in May, Google Music begins to open to other countries (discreetly).

Google Music opens slowly to international

Google Music is the project of music player in the cloud of the American giant who does not do much about him. The goal is to upload to Google Music all your music, to then access it from anywhere. Once this is done Google Music, obviously allows streaming listening. This can be done either by browser or through an application for Android 2.2 and later.

By default, the service holds the most recent plays to keep them in memory offline. The user will still have the option to declare which artists, songs or playlists will be accessible offline.

Available initially in the U.S. alone, the service seems a bit more open internationally. Recently, users who have had the chance to test Google Music may indeed invite two people who, themselves, may invite two people, etc.. And it would seem that the invitations are less and less account of the geographical restriction. Many Google+ users ¬†show on their profile access. Just type Google Music in Twitter to see many francophone have access. We will not discuss the various tricks (obvious) workaround country if you did not invite …

For now, the service is limited to 20 000 titles, but this should be ample for most of us. Note that the Cloud Player of Amazon offers “only” 5 GB of space to store music, which represents about 1500 songs of 192Kbits/s in 3 minutes.

However, the reference to “Music Beta is available free for a limited time” clearly indicates that the service will be paid once the test phase completed. Apple also announced at the WWDC in June, the arrival of the iTunes Match, the iTunes in the cloud! The war of the cloud is just beginning.


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