Google removed domains from their searches

The Google company has decided to stop showing in their searches nearly 11 million websites with domain, for the reason that these domains are provided on a massive scale by a Korean company, and apparently often become perfect places to accommodate spam and malware content. This company allows even register up to 15 thousand addresses for a thousand dollars, if we calculate a web site for only seven cents.

Google removed domains from their searches

This has led to the attraction of spammers and phishers. Only in the second half of 2010, there were 4963 such attacks from these domains. Thinking about this, Google has decided to solve the problem at its roots and remove from its search results everywhere ‘’, without filtering those posed no problem of spam.

Funny thing of all is that the same approach could be applied to your .blogspot platform, where about 95% of blogs are abandoned and not generate any value on the web.


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