Google + suspended accounts of thousands of users

Many users of Google+ were surprised this weekend when they discovered that their profiles were deleted for having committed alleged violations of the anti-aliases of the upward social network.

Users realized that they were “punished” when they tried to access their Google +accounts and the message appeared to them that warned: “Your profile is suspended. After reviewing your profile, we found that the name you provided violates our community standards.”

Google + suspended accounts of thousands of users

The measure has no finality, because in the same notice tells the user if it finds that has been mistakenly suspended, may send additional information for further revisions of the profile.

The new data to reactivate the account must be sent through a special form of Google, which even have to put a link to a website credited bearing the name used in the profile (Facebook, Linkedin, etc.). So the company can verify its authenticity.

One measure was affected by Kirrily Robert, a former Google employee who opened an account using his nickname “Skudo”. Robert was surprised by the suspension of their profile, since he does not believe that he have infringed the rules of the social network on the names of the users.

Robert pointed out that the regulation of Google + on the topic only says: “To help combat spam and prevent false profiles, use the name to call your friends, family or colleagues.”


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