Google Voice Will Be Ready in 38 Languages

The popular Google Voice on lands of the United States will soon be available outside the region and begin to be used by all Internet users who desire so, as it is available to them in after a simultaneous translation of 38 languages.

As announced from the official Google blog, this tool designed for Gmail will let users make calls from your PC or laptop to fixed and mobile phones. Known as Voice over IP, VoIP, this principle of connecting calls over the Internet is not only exclusive Voice Google, because Google will have to face another very popular platform called Skype.

Google Voice Will Be Ready in 38 Languages

However, if users want to use Google Voice, the first thing they have need is a Gmail account. Once you have made this account from the email service from Google, the applicant must download and install on your computer a plug-in that will provide users with the graphical interface needed to make calls, it is normal a green icon appears in the Gmail chat, indicating that the Google Voice service is now available.

So now you can enjoy this service of Google Voice very soon. I hope to be profitable.


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