Google Will Not Pursue The Use Of Its Patents In Open Source

With this tagline Google closes a statement on its official blog which hosts what is known as Open Patent Non-Assertion (OPN) Pledge. This figure assumes the commitment not to sue companies or individuals, distributor or developer to use any of its specified patents on open source software; unless, of course, they are attacked first.

Google says the OPN commitment will be extended over time to other patents

The initiative is nothing more than a gesture of good will, for now, affects symbolic ten patents related to Map Reduce, a technology to process large amounts of data on maps is widely used in the open source world.

Google says the OPN commitment will be extended over time to other patents and encourages other manufacturers to do the same to improve transparency in the use of patents and promote the use of open source software.

What the Mountain View do not say is that the move is also a way to get presentable under the watchful eye of the Federal Market Commission and other U.S. government agencies that oversee the company with increased attention.

Google has registered more than 17,000 patents and not the first time it went to court seeking to prohibit products that infringe SEP (Standard Essential Patents). The gesture of the company is a first step but still much to do in the world of patent management.


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