Google, Yahoo and Microsoft agree to a standard webmaster

The main players in Internet search have developed a standard marking structured data that meant to facilitate the work of indexing content in engines.

Bing (Microsoft), Google and Yahoo Search have developed blueprints for designing special features of Internet searches. The work focuses on the integration of rich description of the results. In fact, this is a piece of reusable code (“snippet”) for each site found through online research.

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft agree to a standard webmaster

Why use enriched description of the results? This is a special label that is integrated HTML code within a script for a website that serves as a beacon to a motor for formatting associated with a piece of standard code. These bits of code may take various forms: images, index pages of websites, scoring system or differentiated prices. They are then integrated the sites so that rich content is considered spam by search tools.

The problem with this system is that each search engine has a tendency to design specifications unique to integrate its rich data. Webmasters have to adapt according to the practices of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The three companies involved to varying degrees in Internet research are therefore to establish a common standard for tagging structured data and encourage webmasters to adopt this format. During a transitional period, compatibility with current standards of major formats tagging structured data (microformats and RDFa) will be provided.

The three giants have created a joint website (Schema dot org) which serves as points of information, documentation, contact center and mailbox with ideas for future developments.


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