Gran turismo 5. Spec 2.0 and downloadable content

The guys at Polyphony Digital, Kazunori Yamauchi distinguished with the head, want to give a new twist to his last child, the driving simulator Gran Turismo 5. To appease the spirits of many fans, who felt that they had sold an “incomplete set”, and to try to overshadow the release of his great rival in the genre, Forza 4, has made available to users with the expected Spec 2.0 upgrade and has announced the arrival of the first downloadable content packs.

The desired Spec 2.0 update of Gran Turismo 5, which is available for download (1,192 MB in weight), attempt to resolve all the issues that have been criticized by gamers. They improve the physical and the game’s AI, the internal view is implemented for all vehicles (and not just for the “premium”, as before), it offers the possibility to save game during endurance races, adding new Photo Mode options, the interface has been polished in the game menus and optimized response time, has added a new introduction sequence, and has increased the garage with 11 cars of the NASCAR 2011 and the Nissan GT-R spectacular Shulze N24 Motor Sport.

In addition to this, necessarily update, Gran Turismo 5 will, as of October 18, with the first downloadable content pay. The “Pack Circuits”, for just 3.99 euros, a new karting track layout and the legendary Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium, with ability to edit the weather and running in the opposite direction than usual. The “Competition Car Pack”, which will cost 7.99 euros, we will offer a half of new vehicles, among which several family touring cars Skyline GT-R, new karts and the amazing Red Bull X2011 Protytpe ’11. The third downloadable content pack paints added 100 new colors to decorate your cars, for the modest price of 1.99 euros. Finally, the Pack Racing Team offer the opportunity to acquire, for 1.99 euros, new helmets and racing overalls for your pilots.


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