Green Environment for healthy Living

Green Environment for healthy LivingStars such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom make before it and are actively engaged in environmental protection. Each individual can do something with his personal commitment to the environment – either at home or in small but different in environmental organizations.

Get active and get involved

Effective environmental protection is important. Who wants to do something it can support the environmental groups like Greenpeace, Nabu and Robin Wood. There are several possibilities: How can I support the work of the organizations on the one-time donations or by supporting member and donate so every year. Even better is to get involved in the local group and become active themselves.

The voluntary ecological year

Young people have the possibility of a voluntary ecological year, a year dedicated to environmental issues to complete. Here, working young men and women voluntarily gather in the various fields of natural and environmental protection can play such practical experience and may also use the year between leaving school and beginning training or study makes sense. The job can be located among others in practical conservation, on a farm or in the office of environmental protection associations.

Even in everyday life: get involved

Who does not like himself to join an environmental organization, can do in everyday life as something for the environment. You see on the street someone who just throws his garbage on the street? Talk to him and ask him to use the trash can. So you live consciously from environmental protection. Why go collect your children do not even waste the weekend? With your good example to recognize children how important it is, the nature of leaving it to others.

Green from the beginning

Generally, children of nature is very important, after all, they spend much time outdoors and the variety of nature are thrilled. Support the interest in environmental protection. Greenpeace, for example, offers children the possibility to form a so-called Green Team. This is a group of at least three children and one adult. Greenpeace provided the groups with information material and offers a variety of interactive options, clearing out as the streams and collect garbage in the woods. Thus already the little children learn how to responsibly deal with nature and have fun at the same time in the open.


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