Growing flowers for a fragrant garden

A flower is not only appreciated for its beauty but also for its pleasant fragrance. Many plants emit scents bewitching. Enjoy the wonders of nature to beautify and scent your garden.

Growing flowers for a fragrant garden

Enjoy the intense fragrance of climbing plants

Climbing plants offer a wide selection of fragrances. They are used in various ways in sunlit surface: trellis on the front of the house, arched over a driveway borrowed daily on an arbor where you can relax during sunny days or on a wall where these plants will fall into beautiful cascades of flowers.

You just have to choose! Chinese and Japanese Wisteria is also nicknamed “executioners grids”, because you must ensure they provide very strong support and plenty of space. White or purple, they exhale between May and June of enchanting scents. The fabulous white Jasmine is less bulky. Jasmine “so” is more rustic, “Samba” is chilly, as well as the fearful “Grandiflorum” also freezing. Jasmine has starred evergreen. He fills the atmosphere at midday.

Enjoy the captivating scent of pot plants or in soil

For flower beds or potted plants, you’re spoiled for choice. You can put them close to enjoy their perfume on the terrace near the front door or hanging from windows. Conveniently arranged, these plants will perfume both your garden and inside your home. For seasonal varieties, you can acquire all the flowers in the garden, potted or containerized.

Alyssums the sea is perfect for borders and planters. You can sow them on the spot. They exude a fragrance of honey. The Heliotrope Peru or the flower ladies emerges in the evening scents of rice powder, honey and vanilla. Mirabilis Jalapa or the Belle of the night may be white, pink or yellow. It opens its flowers scented the night. Do not forget the traditional roses and lilies. The Brugmansia or Datura and the Sweet Pea also perfume the atmosphere, especially in bright sunlight.


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