Guerrilla Cambridge: some details about the new title

Guerrilla Games has been a development house quite important regarding the Playstation console. Since 2004, with the first Killzone released on Playstation 2, first killer application that can compete with the first-person shooter competitor, Halo Xbox. The title has been a great success, allowing the development of several sequels, including Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 released on Playstation 3, as well as the (fairly) recent Killzone Shadow Fall out in the launch lineup of Playstation 4 console new generation of Sony.

Guerrilla Games New Killzone Teaser Poster
We know among other things that the division Guerrilla Cambridge (known to most for the development of Killzone: Mercenary, title released on Playstation Vita in 2013) is currently working on a brand new title for the Playstation 4 . This title was described as belonging to a high-profile franchise , which has previously sold millions and millions of copies. From a job advertisement published by the same Guerrilla Cambridge (reachable at this address for those interested), some interesting details emerge just about this title.

The development team at Sony Computer Entertainment would in fact looking for an artist to take care of the technical part of the title, especially as the management of lighting environments, whether stationary or moving. There remains to wait for the next few months, particularly the ‘ Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015 to June, find out more about the title.


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