Practical guide for traveling to Tibet 2017

Tibet is known popular way the roof of the world, making it one of the finest destinations that multiple types of tourists, know captivate especially, with all the mystery that its corners involved in each of its structures filled with nothing More than natural beauty.

All the traditions and faces that identify Tibet allow you to entertain yourself of special worlds to make the most of it and thus lead to a special holiday, of determination not to let pass.


Visiting Tibet had always been one of my illusions since I was a child and for years I have had the privilege of living that adventure annually


Undoubtedly , it is an authentic symbol of Tibet , where it shows a series of white structures with red, just in front of the beauty of the great greenish gray mountains that are painted in front of its lagoon, where you can see an image of Visual perfection, just as you imagined it, all around a blue sky of great protagonism on a natural level. It relates directly to this destination and maintains a component of good history, religion in art, all in one point.

All the sculptures are also part of this icon of Tibet, so it is a crucial place to take the best photographs , which will immediately fill with attraction.


The hot water and heating is a luxury that not even most 3 star hotels in Lhasa have

Generally, the pilgrims make present presence in this point of Tibet , being a spiritual zone that must not miss in your route of travel by all the zone.

In conjunction with the first palace, the Jokhang Temple belongs to the two places that you must go to in the first moments of your trip, as they ensure a charming journey that will make you live unforgettable moments inside this place of China.


This street is one of the most important is declined in the area of Tibet , as it is around the Jokhang Temple , making it a fully commercial street, where visitors give you fly in the direction of clockwise , looking Prayers or local souvenirs and offers you can not leave aside.


This is a point where the monks of Tibet are debated within the themes of the scriptures that ends at a climax and is highly attractive to be perceived by tourists coming from distant lands , from other parts of the world, with gestures Or with other actions that reflect an interesting behavior.


This point of Tibet , is known as the cradle of Tibetan Buddhism and is part of one of the main sites in which this culture has been established, for years. In this monastery you will see only sculptures , as well as prayer wheels.

Start now the course for your next vacation to this fantastic destination that ensures fun and a different sense to what you are accustomed to see, in a few seconds. With many more points , you will meet the expectations of your trip and even more.


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