Gypsum plaster process: Tips from Professional Interior Designer

Gypsum plaster process is inexpensive and relatively easy, in addition, also created a good climate. If you want to process in its interior plaster, you have to make sure first that you have a dry, smooth and absorbent surfaces. After you have mixed the plaster according to the manufacturer’s instructions, then you quickly begin to apply the plaster on the wall.

Gypsum plaster process - Tips from a pro

They have plastered a wide area not to drag them initially smooth with a flat iron. If the plaster was applied smoothly indeed, you can control using a spirit level again. If the plaster has dried, it is rubbed with a sponge float, so you get a uniform texture. But they may not finish an entire wall so they work in small sections and run the steps again and again by turns. While one part dries you can draw or rub the other part. Do this until the room is ready.

When you process the plaster, you must work quickly and make sure that you are not ready to make large surfaces in one step. Plastering you prefer smaller pieces in succession, so you do not dry on the surface too long, because then the plaster does not rub off as easy or smooth. Select the work area but not too small, because then you might have problems to get clean transitions.
To process gypsum plaster, to make the space pleasant climate. The plaster absorbs much moisture from the air and releases it again. Thus determines the plaster a balanced room climate. No matter where you want to use the plaster in the basement, kitchen, living room, the attic, the plaster is suitable for any room. It can be applied to almost every conceivable wall surface. The minimum wall thickness should be 10 mm here. If the plaster is processed, then the room should be well ventilated in order to remove moisture.


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