H2O: a player suited to the shower

We can only recognize the originality of this device called H2O Power, Shower Radio. It is not just a radio that is waterproof amazingly it works through water pressure. That means the device gathers its power from the force of running water in the shower.  Power Radio has a little H2O micro-turbine that captures and converts the pressure into electrical energy.

Actually this power doesn’t run the radio directly rather it is used to charge an internal battery. So even if the shower is not used, you can always listen to music in the bathroom. Power Radio is to be installed at the hose of the shower. Besides music, you can listen to the radio, as shown in the product name, thanks to the function that integrates FM.

H2O Power, Shower Radio was announced at a price of 34 Euros. Music enthusiasts can now enjoy their favorite tunes in the shower without worrying about the battery of their aircraft.


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