Hacker VS Cracker

The term hackers began to become popular in 1982 due to the different attacks that took place to network systems, affecting more than 500,000 computers worldwide. Over time, in 1998 there appeared a group stronger than hackers, the ‘crackers’. These two terms are very popular but you know what is the difference between a Hacker and a Cracker?

Hacker VS Cracker

A hacker himself is a person who just wants to know the inner workings of computer systems, helping to improve them if they detect flaws in their security. While a Cracker is a person with high skills in computer systems (the same way that hackers), these skills are regularly used for personal benefit or for harm.

Advantages and disadvantages

Hackers can get many innovations in the areas of information technology; such as finding solutions to the operating system failures, viruses, creating programs that facilitate the use of computers, among others.

On the other hand, crackers despite having great knowledge of computers, by the misuse of resources, rather led to the use of illegal software is subject to sanctions and penalties, which are exacerbated when the pirate becomes a trader to profit illegally copied software for their own benefit.

It is necessary that we use the term, so it does not generalize to the confusion between a Hacker and a Cracker.


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