Hair transplants: Plasma rich in growth factors to treat alopecia

The plasma, rich in growth factors, is a novel technique used at medical centers to stop hair restoration and improve cases of alopecia, supplanting surgery through micro hair grafts.

This hair loss regrowth treatment is based on the active capillary biostimulation, using a platelet-rich plasma from the patient to achieve adequate hair follicle stimulation, braking the fall and prevent the progress of the condition.

The platelet rich plasma is obtained from the extraction of some blood from the patient, treated subsequently controlled by centrifugation to separate plasma fractions. Once applied to the treatment area, it generated stimulation, enhancement and regeneration of tissues, in the case of alopecia, hair follicles.

On the scalp starts to be increased collagen production and a marked improvement in the vasculature, as a consequence, the hair follicle is nourished and oxygenated, it begins to fall and regenerate. Importantly, treatment with growth factors capillary is indicated for cases wherein all hair are not yet lost.

The number of sessions depends on each individual case, but broadly two or three annual sessions are needed. It is a completely outpatient treatment, the person can return to normal activities after application.

The results are visible from the second session of plasma rich in growth factors, at this point new hairs are thicker than the existing, in a somewhat more intense and much stronger. Generally, treatment is combined with the prior application of minoxidil or finasteride.

Plasma rich in growth factors to treat alopecia is based on the active capillary biostimulation

Alopecia hair loss regrowth

The alopecia and rogenetic is the most common causes of hair loss. Affects 50% of men and almost 50% of women over 50, when it begins to diminish the amount of estrogen in the female body. This is a very slow process that leads to baldness. The person is not aware of the amount of hair that is losing, which does not recover without the right treatments.

In women taking pattern alopecia is different from the man’s hair, in women the first line of the head remain present without creating entries, but the central part of the scalp is starting to become depopulated.


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