Haircuts and hairstyles for every type of face

When choosing a cut of hair you have to take into account the shape of your face, it is important to be able to highlight your strengths and hide any defects or issues you do not like your face.

To be able to do this, first of all you have to know what the shape of your face, there are several basic shapes of faces:

Haircuts and hairstyles for every type of face

Long face

Haircuts and hairstyles for every type of face, heart shaped face

Heart shaped face

Haircuts and hairstyles for every type of face, oval face

Oval shaped face

Haircuts and hairstyles for every type of face, rounded face

Rounded Face

Haircuts and hairstyles for every type of face, square face

Square Face

Oval face: the more proportionate and that everything feels good, almost all cuts of hair are done trying to emulate this type of face.

In the face of the long oval face is longer than the width, has soft features, her chin is in line with the face and does not protrude.

Round face: it is circular, is the same length both in width and length; the cheeks are fleshy and bulky. What is sought to sharpen the cutting face to make it appear more oval.

Heart-shaped face, this face is also called triangular forehead, cheeks, chin elongated with long narrow usually excel.

Rectangular face: This face has angular lines and square, the front is the same as the chin and the features are strong. The square face is similar, only less elongated.

Long face: This type of face has a predominant face is thin and the distance from chin to forehead is wider than the width of the face.

Haircuts and hairstyles for every type of face

Cuts and hairstyles for each type of face

Once you’ve determined the type of face you have, it’s time to choose your style:

Oval face: being a symmetrical face can wear any haircut and hairstyle, although it is preferable that you avoid bangs, layered cuts used to highlight the cheeks, lips or chin.

Round face: choose cuts and styles that lengthen the face, hair needs to grow to at least below the chin to prevent the face look rounder.

One of the best cuts is the one place in layers because they tend to provide the face. While wearing a hairnet seeks leave streaks on the sides and prevents the fringe, the line cuts the middle and ending at the chin.

Heart-shaped face: the court must emphasize the eyes and cheeks, you can wear in layers styles but beware of the fringes because they tend to make smaller the face.

Avoid heavy cuts and hairstyles and without volume it will make the face look larger and the whole face was disproportionate. The court must balance the factions by ensuring that the front does not look as big and chin appear wider.

Square and rectangular face: the haircut have to soften the factions, especially the cheeks, for that you can use layers and avoid parting. The hair has to have volume on top, this may be straight, with soft waves or curls at the ends.

Avoid long cuts that have no form, and ending at the height of the chin because it will harden your face.

Long face: the best hairstyles for this face are long medium or short, because the longer will longer the face. The hairstyle is to add volume to the face, this is achieved with layers or bangs.

To be able to give you a better idea of how to cut your hair depending on the shape of your face.


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