Ideas to decorate the living room on Halloween

Some are not convinced about the idea of importing American holidays, but we all have to do with celebrations, parties and fun we like, so we are delighted that Halloween ever be more implanted in our country. Given that only two weeks left to arrive on October 31, the eve of All Saints’ Day, it is high time we started to think about decorating our home for the scariest night of the year. Even if you have no plan to hold a party or organize a dinner for the occasion, you can give your home some terrifying touches.

Today we want to give you some Halloween Decoration ideas to decorate the living room. And it must not be forgotten that this is the main room, that is, where we spent more time either alone or with the company of friends. Therefore, when conditioning the home for the night terrifying , it is best that we focus in this space. Would you like our ideas? Well , you just have to join us !

A decorative element that can help you acclimate your room for Halloween are the cobwebs


Cover furniture with sheets

There are many things you can do to give your living room a terrific touch but certainly one of the simplest is to cover some or all of the furniture with white sheets. If you also draw a human figure as the cops do at the scene of a crime , the result can be very funny and original. You can see an example in the image on the right.


A decorative element that can help you acclimate your room for Halloween are the cobwebs. You can find them in stores specialize in parties and celebrations. You can use the spider to decorate any corner of the room: the ceiling, a corner, chairs, lamps, fireplace, table … The result can be even scarier if you put spiders, bats or ravens around.


If there is something that can not miss on Halloween decorations are pumpkins, so do not hesitate to fill your room with these large fruits. You can choose pumpkins both natural and artificial. In addition, the market will find vinyls and other decorative objects shaped pumpkin. In our article ” Pumpkins for Halloween decorating” you will find the most interesting ideas.

An autumnal Halloween

If you do not want to opt for a terrific decoration, there is another option to acclimate your living room facing Haloween. It is to use typical autumn elements, such as those mentioned pumpkins, leaves, decorative objects in orange… Of course, you can also add some ornamentation typical Halloween as a witch or a skull.

when conditioning the home for the night terrifying , it is best that we focus in this space


On the other hand, we want to mention that candles can also help you decorate your room for Halloween. Just placing various types of candles around the room you can recreate a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Also the flickering flames can help you create shadows ghostly . On the other hand, you should know that these days you can find on the market candles Halloween theme. We also want to comment that the chandeliers and lanterns are also well received in these types of decorations.

Terrifying figures

Finally, we propose to resort to terrifying figures. Before we’ve already talked about spiders, crows and bats, but you can also choose other bugs , skulls, skeletons, graves … You can create these forms yourself or buy them in specialty stores at parties. In our article “DIY Ideas for Halloween decoration” you will find very interesting proposals.


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