Halo 4. The beginning of a new trilogy

If the history of Xbox consoles, has been a franchise that Excel above others, that has been, without doubt, the Halo series. Its creators, study Bungie and Microsoft is released the manga an entire universe of science fiction which has managed to trap millions of players across several titles.

Now, 10 years after the birth of the series and after the release of the remake of the original game (Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary), what happens with the Master Chief? Microsoft is quite clear: it will not allow to die his gallina of gold eggs, and has already announced that there will be a Halo 4.

Halo 4. The beginning of a new trilogy

The guys at Bungie, which they have managed to build an excellent reputation in the industry of the game thanks to the Halo franchise, they turn to other projects, and the witness of the license will take it the study 343 Industries, which is already at work with the development of Halo 4.

This new episode of the franchise will provide beginning for a new trilogy, which has been dubbed as ¨Reclaimer Trilogy¨, and extended in time another 10 years. Therefore, nobody panic, because we will have Master Chief for a while.

Kenneth Scott, artistic director of Halo 4, unveiled us some aspects of the next installment of this acclaimed first person shooter. The most important may be that the plot of the game will be very focused the Forerunner (here known as the precursors) race.

Frank O’Connor, director of the series, does not hide his enthusiasm when speaking of the presence of precursors in Halo 4, because this will mean a discovery for fans of the saga, which hitherto had known only a few data of this alien race. O’Connor also confirms that Halo 4 will be a direct sequel to the third installment, and it tells us the fate of the Master Chief and Cortana.

Halo 4, which are already more than 200 people from around 30 different studies, reach stores next year 2012, exclusively for Xbox 360. Already it has become one of the most anticipated games of the time, and we will here, games area, not him we remove the eye above, to keep you informed of all the details about its development.


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