Handkerchiefs, discover the different ways you use the headscarves

The scarves are one of the few accessories that are highly versatile, sexy and modern regardless of their motives, colors and patterns they can use the handkerchief from his grandmother and be gorgeous with the best style hippie chic or vintage.


The scarves are useful to look at all times, from the beach up at night because they are great and provide plenty of glamors to the outfit. Another advantage is that they look great with glasses XXL, the wayfarer or butterfly and give light to the face making the eyes stand out even more.


Handkerchiefs different ways to use headscarves

Takes note of the different ways you can use your tissues depending on the look you want to look.

Handkerchiefs: different ways to use headscarves


This is the simplest way to use the headscarf, you can use any outfit you have to do if it is bent slightly triangular.

Place the middle of the handkerchief over your forehead and tie the ends behind Piquitos way that protrude from the side.



Just as in the earlier style, fold the scarf itself is very wide and place it around the head just above the neck, tying the ends behind.



Style in this short you need a tissue, which places from behind tying up the ends on one side of the head.



Need a square pocket which will have to fold it in half getting a triangle form. Then take the two ends of the sides and tie behind the head on the tip of the center of the triangle and tie it again to fix the tissue.



Best style to wear the Arabs must have a large handkerchief that need to fold down the middle, base support in the neck and the tip at the front. The ends should cross at the front and hidden beneath the other layers of tissue.


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