Harden your glutes with these exercises to do at home

Harden your glutes with these exercises

Who goes to the academy or practices exercises at home has a goal. This can be losing those extra kilos, having a flat belly, gaining muscle or even strengthening the ass and legs . Each of these objectives is only achieved through the practice of various activities and movements, as well as a balanced diet. Next, I’m going to leave you some gluteal exercises that will help you harden them and make them grow.


The squat is one of the most functional exercises . It can be carried out without weight by people who have just begun to exercise, and by those who already have experience. In addition to the glutes, this exercise works the quadriceps, the adductors, the posterior muscles of the thighs and the abdominals.

To squat correctly , start in a standing position, with your feet spaced a distance equal to the width of your shoulders, extend your arms forward as shown in the picture or rest the bar with weight on your shoulders. Then, bend the knees slowly until the thighs are parallel to the floor, forming a 90 ° angle. Finally, extend the legs and return to the original pose.

Bridge with leg extension

The bridge is one of the exercises that most help to tone the ass , in addition to working the posterior muscles of the thighs and strengthen the entire musculature of the pelvic region. One of its great advantages is that doing it does not require any kind of work for the spine or for the knees.

To make the bridge with one leg lie on your back on a mat or mat with your knees bent and the soles of your feet on the floor. Stretch one leg and when you exhale, contract your buttocks and push your quadriceps towards the ceiling, as high as you can. Then, pause and slowly lower until the buttocks almost touch the ground.

Position of four supports with crossed leg lift

With this exercise of four supports with crossed leg lift you can gain power, strength and muscle tone, and work not only the ass and legs, but also the abdominals.

In a position of four points of support, with the knees and hands resting on the mat, extend the left leg, raise it by squeezing the buttocks, cross it to the right side and return to the starting position. Keep the spine straight throughout the exercise.

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