Harmful effects of snuff on the skin

Specialists recognized the “smoker’s face”, it belongs to people with a rough skin, something gray in which notice the bony, the contour of the eyes and lips with fine lines deep and shallow grooves on the cheeks and jaws. Wrinkles of smokers are different from others; they have narrower lines, deep and well defined contours.

The snuff causes production of free radicals, which are responsible for premature aging; in addition to that, smoking causes a reduction in vitamin A which is responsible for protecting the skin from the action of these toxins.

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It is worth clarifying that the snuff also affects the skin and internal organs, the scalp and hair due to a porous, brittle, dull and smelling like smoke, the nails become more brittle, dry and yellow.

The adverse effects of snuff are starting to emerge from 35 years and are proportional to the level of consumption that the person has, the greater the number of cigarettes smoked daily, the more intense the damage suffered in the skin.

But that’s not all, the snuff increases the risk of the onset of psoriasis and generates an interaction with the different treatments, reducing the body’s response. The wounds do not heal with the speed they should, cause acne, skin cancer and changes in oral aesthetics.

Women who smoke are three times more likely to wrinkle than those cigarettes do not consume, while the men twice the risk. Premature aging is most evident in those who smoke, smoking even a few months ago the skin to age as if they had spent years.

The good news is that the harmful effects of snuff may be reversed at a rate if you leave the service, the skin is the first organ to begin to normalize within a few hours of not smoking, but it should be noted that not all people respond equally.

The body tries to regenerate damaged cells and is important to help increase the intake of vitamins A, C and E and trace elements (iron, iodine, manganese, etc.) to promote the synthesis of collagen.


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