HD Makeup for a silky skin

For a time the word High Definition or HD and people are not so indifferent when you consider that almost all the technological advances include this modality. Cameras, TVs, phones and everything provides image is now HD. That is, the image looks very real now, in detail.

In this sense, the makeup is not far behind and adapt to the new trend, ideal for those working in TV, modeling, graphics, or who want their makeup is lighter and more perfect as silk skin.

How it works

The role of the HD makeup is that the light reflected by the ingredients in the product, giving the skin a smooth and uniform finish with perfect coverage, but also extra lightweight.

HD Makeup for a silky skin

The new High Definition technology forbids the use of glitter makeup, revealing to the imperfections of those smaller fronts of the screen as moles, scars, blemishes and even beautiful in the bozo rebels. To remedy this, the various brands already have their own lines and even HD’s with sun protection and anti-aging treatment.

Today, experts only support the new powders and foundations with microfine particles, very smooth, light and translucent do not alter the skin tone.


The most widely used ingredient in such products is the volatile silicone, which gives the skin a similarity to the silk. And although the foundation has a look translucent, it is even easy to implement because it requires no sponge or brush.

This type of makeup is not just for the basics, there are also concealer, powder, shadow and blush. The presentations vary according to style, may be in powder, cream or fluid, all ready to be used in conjunction, to amalgamate and achieve better results.

HD Makeup for a silky skin

Make-up Secrets

HD makeup is almost magical. The light reflects off the ingredients in the product, thus achieving a more uniform finish and a soft feel to the eye. It is very light and natural.

The star of this make-up is the HD powder, because it sets your makeup without a trace, clarifies the skin, and conceals the fine lines of the eyes, apart from giving an aspect of baby skin.

To use these products every day, it is important to keep in perfect face, for example, by going to the beautician once a month to be a deep facial cleansing, good exfoliation, mask and finish with a decongestant. The result: skin more supple, smoother, less impurities.

The above picture shows three stars of Hollywood makeup regardless of the new HD cameras. Here there is then the defect that makes the conventional powder on their faces.


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