Health benefits and beauty properties of Coffee

For a long time coffee has included into the category of “bad habits” forbidden foods that are harmful and should be avoided. However – with other food products – it has caused an injustice. While that exceeded the consumption of coffee is harmful, and even cause an addiction, a couple of cups a day not only do no harm, but bring benefits.

Coffee is a great diuretic and stimulating circulation, so those who suffer from cellulite, with or without fluid retention, will this infusion native to the tropics, an ally.

That is why it is good to drink some water then, to facilitate scavenging action of toxins and fluids, thereby enhancing their effects against swelling, in the case of women, concentrated in feet, legs, hips, thighs and abdomen.

Furthermore, recent findings found that caffeine prevents blood clots, so that helps reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack. In young and healthy, it is good to stimulate the circulation in the extremities, aiding venous return, and improving or avoiding: cellulite, varicose veins and edema.

And outside, it’s even better for cellulite. The coffee grounds remaining in the filter on your machine, do not throw them away! It’s gold dust, mixed with a shower gel and applied by circular massage mitt in areas affected by this problem, after a couple of weeks works wonders, and leaves the skin smoother than ever.

We all know that a cup of coffee is the push needed to start the day, or to finish when it’s late and the tiredness is felt. These two cups need not be ignored, and can leverage its stimulating effect.
Health benefits and beauty properties of Coffee
The concentration increases with a dose of caffeine, which is why we are more alert and feel we can work on intellectual tasks best. However, caution should be exercised, as too much coffee can cause insomnia and irritability, so it is best not to over four cups of American coffee or espresso per day.

Another benefit is that coffee stimulates positive moods and well-being, people with depressive features may be better to drink it.

And what interests us a lot: retards cellular aging as it is full of antioxidants, so that not only helps young people see us, but also helps prevent some cancers.

With coffee, it’s all about dose, take an exaggerated amount of cups a day, or take too concentrated, it is not good for anyone. But a lighter coffee, a couple of times per day, is a pleasure you can enjoy without guilt.


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