Does meditation helps lower cholesterol?

Alternative therapies for high cholesterol

While medical treatments are necessary and effective in controlling high cholesterol, there are alternative therapies that can slow down some of the cardiovascular risks such as stress, anxiety, distress, depression, etc. Within these alternative therapies the meditation is preferred by… Continue Reading

Thyme: the best ally for the winter

Cosmetics Recipes and Natural Products

The thyme is an herb that is present in many foods but is also part of those plants that have high curative powers. Its great power as a supplement to prepare for the arrival of winter data since first used… Continue Reading

How to compensate for deficiencies in a vegetarian diet

How to compensate for deficiencies in a vegetarian diet

For people who do not consume meat, it is sometimes difficult to lead a vegetarian diet that includes all the components you need to feel good and be healthy. But not impossible. A vegetarian diet can be very beneficial for… Continue Reading

Natural therapies for emotional balance

Natural therapies for emotional balance

The emotional states play a fundamental role in the lives of people, especially in the disease, the mood of the person is usually very important due to its ability to positively influence the recovery of the patient. Stress, anxiety, anxiety… Continue Reading

Juice to keep the silhouette slimming

Maintaining weight loss is not always easy, but it can help the body, with some tricks like detoxifying teas or juices, which help remove and discard everything that our body does not need. If you are looking to lose a… Continue Reading

Panic attacks and Panic disorder: what you should do?

panic attacks and panic disorder

The panic attacks are an increasingly common condition in recent time especially more common in women. People who have panic attacks often have difficulty with some very unpleasant feelings of nervousness, anxiety and fear that sometimes seem to have no… Continue Reading

What make you lose weight: depression and obesity

Depression help with weight loss

The depression and obesity are linked, to such an extent that improve the mood of a woman, can help her to lose a lot of extra kilos, a recent investigation confirmed it. Most weight loss programs do not provide enough… Continue Reading

Natural remedies to cure chilblains

Natural remedies to cure chilblains

Some of the most common advice to cure chilblains: Place 2 to 3 tablespoons of calendula to a liter of water and boil for 10 minutes, remove from heat. Add this infusion to bath water and wash the affected parts… Continue Reading

How can you get rid of acne naturally

how to get get rid of acne

There are so many different ways that you can use to get rid of acne naturally. And most of them are actually very effective. Now this article will explain from the outset that there is not only natural ways to… Continue Reading